About Me

Like many people my age, my parents passed down their love of Star Wars to me. When I was a kid, KOTOR was one of my favorite games, even though I could only play it on my dad’s computer when he didn’t need it for work. The world of the Old Republic provided an exciting history and a new depth to the fictional universe I was already enamored with. Rekindling that love in adulthood inspired this blog, where I can share my thoughts on something of a neglected era and where I can engage with others who love to geek out over this kind of stuff, too.

Share your Revans and your Exiles with me! Even share your Old Republic Online characters! (I stopped playing that game a while ago but maybe I’ll join back up again. Either way, I’d love to hear about them.) Share your favorite fan art/fan fics! I might even post about them!